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New Addition in AZ – Updated

Posted by on Friday, 6 May, 2011

The baby is growing nicely.  Heidie is now 7 months along. Oh, the baby is a girl! Check out the feet, kinda cute.

We are almost ready for the new arrival. The twins are back together in one room, Rebecca now has Rose’s room and baby girl will have Kaitlyn’s old room. All the rooms have been painted and Heidie and friends have nicely decorated the baby room.

Kim came for a visit this week as well, and was the first person to sleep in the new baby room.

We are still thinking about names. The baby’s official due date is July 12–Heidie was just in to see the doctor this week and everything is on-track and everyone is healthy.



Baby Feet @ 7 months

Baby Feet @ 7 months