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Update 8/8/2011, Elizabeth Gentes

Posted by on Monday, 8 August, 2011

Family and Friends,

I wanted to send along an update of how things are going with Elizabeth. Thank you so much for your prayers and support over these last 2 weeks—we have certainly felt your love and caring.

Elizabeth is continuing to do well. She is eating and sleeping and she is steadily gaining weight. She is now up to 6 lbs 15.8 oz as of today (8/8/2011)—and they measured her at 19″ long.

Today was our first visit to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital where we visited with our┬áPediatric Cardiologist (Kids Heart Doctor), Dr. Puntel. This doctor had made a trip to the hospital (a couple weeks ago) where Elizabeth was born to meet us and Elizabeth—Today was our first visit with him on his turf.

During our visit today, the doc said we could remove some of the restrictions of the oxygen for Elizabeth. She will only need the oxygen now while she is sleeping, not during her awake time—which was great to hear. He said it may be another 3-4 weeks before she can come off it completely.

He also recommend we give her some more calories in her diet, so she can bulk up a little quicker—so we will work out the details of that when we visit our regular Pediatrician–this week likely.

They did another ultra-sound of the heart (echo cardiogram)—and the results were exactly what the doctor was expecting, so there is no change in her schedule for having surgery in 4-6 months. The doc did mention he would rather her have the surgery closer to the 6 months than the 4 if possible—meaning the bigger and stronger she is the better things will go with recovery.

At home, her sisters are starting to help more, with the girls feed her some and playing with her during wake time. Grandma Terry is here helping and she has been a tremendous help with everything. Auntie Kelly also came in for a few days and helped out by using her superior shopping skills to get all our back to school shopping done—and of course the girls all loved to go out and shop with their aunt.
We are getting adjusted to these new changes and challenges. It has been a few years since we had a newborn, but it is coming back slowly. Eat, sleep, change diaper, repeat. She is eating about every 4 hours and has been sleeping pretty good…we normally have to wake her for meal times, but she is slurping down about 4 ounces per meal—which is great for a new born.

I am putting up more pictures on facebook, google+ and flickr. Here are the links (if you don’t have facebook account or a google account, then you can look at the pics on flickr):

Facebook Pictures

Google+ Pictures

Flickr Pictures

The same areas of prayer would still be appreciated:
  • continue to eat well, gain weight and strength
  • breathing to stabilize and not have too shallow of breathing when she is sleeping
  • her heart is healed
  • wisdom to raise her in a home where she will thrive developmentally and physically
Love and Hugs from Lockley, Heidie, Rebecca, Rose, Kaitlyn and Elizabeth