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Hockey day in Phoenix

Posted by on Friday, 28 December, 2012

Here are some pictures/videos of Daniel and Lockley playing hockey together in a pick-up game.  We were both excited to be able to skate together for the first time.


Christmas 2012

Posted by on Friday, 28 December, 2012

Some random pictures of Christmas 2012


Christmas Videos 2012

Posted by on Tuesday, 25 December, 2012

Here are some videos of Christmas and the kids.

Swingset for Rose

Posted by on Tuesday, 25 December, 2012

Dave and Marietta made a swingset for Rose for Christmas….this was her discovering it on Christmas eve.

3 separate videos:


Christmas Morning 2012

Posted by on Tuesday, 25 December, 2012

Here is a few pictures from Christmas morning. Daniel is here for a week with us over Christmas. Check out his socks in a couple of the pictures—they are called shin tights, used in hockey to keep your shin guards from moving around.

Christmas (2012) facepainting

Posted by on Thursday, 20 December, 2012

This year Heidie is doing a 12 days til Christmas countdown.  She has 12 paper bags on a string….each bag has an activity or treat. We open a bag a dinnertime each night.

On the 7th day til Christmas bag, we found paint and had instructions to paint the face of the person who is sitting on your left.  Uncle Jon (Heidie’s brother) was eating with us that night, so he got to be part of the fun.

Here are the pictures.


Rebecca and the new Fastpitch Softball team

Posted by on Wednesday, 12 December, 2012

Rebecca is playing her first year on the Frontier Fastpitch Softball team. We are excited that she made the team as they had tryouts and mostly the team is made up of veteran 8th graders who are a pretty skilled bunch of girls. There are some new girls from 7th grade to the team, like Rebecca. She is learning how to play, as this is her first try at organized softball.

The team finished their first tournament and did well. They won all their games (convincingly) and captured the trophy. Below are a couple pictures of Rebecca in her uniform.

She hasn’t seen much action on the field, as the coach plays the veteran 8th graders mostly, and tries to get the other girls in once in a while.



Rose & Kaitlyn – School Christmas Choir Performance

Posted by on Wednesday, 12 December, 2012

The twins had a school choir performance in December—where they sang a handful of songs. It was a good time and they both did great. Rose and Kaitlyn are in different Grade 5 classes and all the grade 5 classes worked together to sing the songs. This year we moved the girls to a new school closer to our new house (which we moved into in 2009). They are all adjusting well.

I’ve got some pictures of them before the performance. Hope you enjoy.

Below is a the slideshow of the pictures.

I did take some video of the performance, but it didn’t turn out well so I don’t have the actual performance to share.



Elizabeth, time to work out

Posted by on Tuesday, 21 February, 2012

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note to let you know that Elizabeth is doing great and getting bigger and stronger. She is now 7 months old. She is continuing to have physical and speech therapy. Below are some recent pictures of her working out and doing her exercises.


If you are not seeing the pictures above, you can go to the direct link at:

Update 01/23/2012, Elizabeth is doing great!

Posted by on Monday, 23 January, 2012

Great news everyone. Elizabeth is doing great.  It has now been over a month since her surgery and we’re happy to report that she is feeling wonderful. After the surgery she was in the hospital for 7 days, and then was home for Christmas.

She did end up needing to go back to the hospital for 3 more days—we were going in for a normal check-up and they found she had too much fluid still around her heart. That is something they check for because it often happens after that type of surgery. They put her on some medication to fix that fluid problem and she was able to come home 3 days later.

As she was on some strong medicine, she wasn’t feeling very good for a couple of weeks. But she was starting to get back to her happy normal self.  As the week went by she continued to recover well. We are now at the point where they are trying to get her off all medications. As we started lowering the intensity of the medications, her happy content ways were quickly coming back.  She was smiling more and more, and is happy during wake time.

She is now sleeping again through the night and eating great.  She has no fluid at all around the heart  now. I have some great pictures of Elizabeth that show you that she is almost back to her normal self.

I was talking to a friend (a fiery preacher from Scotland) who reminded me how many people have been and still are supporting Elizabeth and our family through prayers. Really from all over the world we had people on our side, praying for healing for our girl.  It was a great reminder for me that God’s love never fails, and that we are never alone. Thank you for being part of that!

With out further waiting, here are some pictures that I am sure you will love.

Jared and Jordan were both visiting on New Years Eve and that is a picture of Jared holding Elizabeth. The picture of Elizabeth with the big smile was taken Jan 13th.