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Christmas 2012

Posted by on Friday, 28 December, 2012

Some random pictures of Christmas 2012


Christmas Videos 2012

Posted by on Tuesday, 25 December, 2012

Here are some videos of Christmas and the kids.

Christmas Morning 2012

Posted by on Tuesday, 25 December, 2012

Here is a few pictures from Christmas morning. Daniel is here for a week with us over Christmas. Check out his socks in a couple of the pictures—they are called shin tights, used in hockey to keep your shin guards from moving around.

Christmas (2012) facepainting

Posted by on Thursday, 20 December, 2012

This year Heidie is doing a 12 days til Christmas countdown.  She has 12 paper bags on a string….each bag has an activity or treat. We open a bag a dinnertime each night.

On the 7th day til Christmas bag, we found paint and had instructions to paint the face of the person who is sitting on your left.  Uncle Jon (Heidie’s brother) was eating with us that night, so he got to be part of the fun.

Here are the pictures.


Rose & Kaitlyn – School Christmas Choir Performance

Posted by on Wednesday, 12 December, 2012

The twins had a school choir performance in December—where they sang a handful of songs. It was a good time and they both did great. Rose and Kaitlyn are in different Grade 5 classes and all the grade 5 classes worked together to sing the songs. This year we moved the girls to a new school closer to our new house (which we moved into in 2009). They are all adjusting well.

I’ve got some pictures of them before the performance. Hope you enjoy.

Below is a the slideshow of the pictures.

I did take some video of the performance, but it didn’t turn out well so I don’t have the actual performance to share.



the missing toe – by Kaitlyn

Posted by on Thursday, 8 December, 2011

Hello everyone. Tuesday was an exciting day at our house. We had an accident in the kitchen that has us scurrying around. Especially Kaitlyn and Heidie.

We have this large (and heavy) wooden cutting board, and soup was being made in the kitchen. Kaitlyn was helping mom to cut up some vegetables for the soup. As Heidie and Kaitlyn were working together in the kitchen that cutting board fell and hit directly on Kaitlyn’s toe (right foot, second toe).  It was extremely painful so Kaitlyn was screaming and crying.

Heidie took her to emergency, where they gave her 2 shots with the biggest needle in the universe—that may have been the maximum pain level felt from this whole ordeal. Well the doctor called it a partial amputation, so they put it back together as best as they could. 10 stitches later and minus her toe-nail, they made their way home. Kaitlyn is on crutches for a while and the toe-nail will take about 6 months to grow back.  It is doubtful that she will be playing soccer this season, and we will need to find her some shoes that can protect that toe.


Here are a couple of pictures below. One is of the toe and the other is Kaitlyn playing with a blown up glove—waiting in the hospital always seems like it takes too long, so she is passing the time—Opa (Heidie’s father, David Wright) had blown the glove up and Kaitlyn provided the decoration.