Update 12/07/2011, Elizabeth — Heart Surgery is scheduled for Dec 13th

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We have exciting news.  Elizabeth’s heart surgery is scheduled for Tuesday Dec 13th, 2011 @ 7:30am. This was a surprise to us that she is able to have the surgery this soon. We were thinking more along the lines of middle to late January.  She is doing very well and is well over 10 lbs now.  The surgery is sooner because Elizabeth has been doing so well, not because something is wrong.  The goal was to get her ready for surgery–and a 4-6 month time frame was given as the likely target time for her to have the surgery.  She has progressed well and is big enough and strong enough now for the surgery. The open heart surgery is to fix the wall between the sides of the heart, as it is not formed properly, as well as fixing the valves inside the heart.

We have had some flu going through the family for the last several weeks, but it does look like we are out of the woods. Elizabeth has had a few rough days, but has seemed to bounce back quickly from that. The biggest thing right now for the surgery is that she must be healthy and not get the flu or any other sickness—otherwise they can’t perform the heart surgery that she needs.

Our plan is for our family (all the girls included) to visit the Phoenix Children’s Hospital this Friday and tour the facilities and go over the procedure as well as get an understanding of the recovering process while in the hospital. We are expecting her to be in the hospital for 2-3 weeks after the surgery, and we are hoping she will be home for Christmas! As part of the Friday tour and talk with the Doctors, our girls have been thinking about this process and are writing down questions that they have and they will ask the Doctors and staff those questions.  Phoenix Children’s Hospital is known for it’s family environment and we are glad they will allow the girls to ask the Doctors their questions and get answers.

The Monday before surgery, we will go to the hospital for tests—to make sure Elizabeth is healthy enough for the heart surgery. If all goes as planned, then Tuesday morning we will go in early and prep for her 7:30am surgery time.

Can you please pray for us in these areas:

  • Elizabeth to remain healthy and strong and not to catch the flu or cold
  • for complete healing of Elizabeth’s heart
  • for Doctor’s and medical staff to be used by God and also changed by Him in this process
  • for a quick recovery time in the hospital and for Elizabeth to be back at home before Christmas
  • for our other daughters, Rebecca (age 12), Rose and Kaitlyn (age 9) to be able to handle this transition time of surgery along with the lengthy hospital recovery time

I wanted to include some updated pictures and video.

Short video featuring Heidie and Elizabeth, Kaitlyn is recording. Elizabeth is giggling and then waving to her fans, don’t miss it! (I noticed sometimes the video below looks blank, if so, reloading/refreshing this page seems to fix it)


Some recent pictures. Elizabeth is on the prowl / Rose and Lizzie sharing a moment / Elizabeth: deer in the headlights look (or maybe in her jug look)!


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Thank you so much for your support in prayer for Elizabeth and our whole family during this time.


Lockley & Heidie Gentes


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8 Responses to “Update 12/07/2011, Elizabeth — Heart Surgery is scheduled for Dec 13th”

  1. Best post yet. That video is delightful. We are excited that her surgery has been moved up because she is doing so amazingly well. We all love you guys. 🙂

    • Lockley

      Thanks Karen!

  2. Kim Gentes

    too cute! the video is wonderful! thanks for the update. Praying!

  3. Becky Shaw

    Our continued prayers and wishes for a healthy recovery is daily..we love your family and know God has your precious baby girl in the palm of his hand. Love to you all.

  4. Anna

    Delighted to see and hear that she is doing so well…..we will be praying for her speedy recovery! love you guys muchly!!

  5. Ann Webb

    This video is so, so precious. What wonderful news that Elizabeth will have the surgery early. We’ll be praying. We love your whole family. Doug & Ann

  6. MaryLou Wright

    Dear Heidi and Lockley,

    I am praying for your sweet little Elizabeth that she will come through her surgery with flying colors. She is so adorable. What a privilege to be entrusted with such a precious child. I send my love. Gramma MaryLou

  7. ROSE

    thank the lord for all his done for us

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