Update 12/14/2011, Elizabeth’s Heart Surgery is complete

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Thank You to everyone who has been praying and supporting Elizabeth and our family during the open heart surgery. Thank You God for Your loving kindness and faithfulness to Elizabeth and our family.

Please continue to pray for a speedy recovery, we would love to have Elizabeth home in time for Christmas.

Day 1 – Surgery

The open heart surgery went well. It took about 3.5 hours for the surgery and she was in her recovery room around 2pm. Just before they took her to the surgery room, I took a little video of Elizabeth laying on the hospital bed. That video is shown here:

As the surgery went on, the nurses would come out and give us updates. Each time they would come out, they would say it is going as expected. The first time they came out, it was a super anxious time, as you can imagine. But it was always good news. The day had started off rainy and it did rain for most of the day. We were on the fourth floor of the hospital and sometime in the morning, it cleared some and there was some sunshine—-I looked out the window and saw a rainbow….it made me think of God’s promises and faithfulness, I that in itself was extremely comforting to me.

After surgery was complete we spoke to the surgeon and he was very calm and clinical, saying it went great, and he was very pleased with it. About 2 hours after that, we were able to go into the recovery room and see Elizabeth. As you can imagine, there were tubes everywhere and she looked very drugged up—which she was.

Day 2 – Recovery

Recovery is going well too. On Wednesday morning they were able to remove a breathing tube they had down her nose/throat…she seemed much more relaxed after getting that out. At around 1pm I was able to feed her a bottle of pedialite, her first meal through a bottle since the surgery. That was pretty sweet, she was eager to drink and glupped it down pretty quick.

At about 4pm, Heidie got to hold her and feed her some formula. She was very sweet and peaceful during her feeding. Initially, the doctors said we would not be able to hold her until day three, so she is ahead of schedule. Our other girls have been able to see Elizabeth (both Tuesday and Wednesday), they have missed a couple days of school so far in their support of their sister.

Day 3 – Recovery

Today Heidie was doing most of the nursing, as today’s nurse was not as effective as others we have had šŸ™

Heidie is now able to to hold her and feed her (bottle). They have take most of the tubes and wires out of her. They are working on getting her lungs to clear up. She has treatments every 4 hours to break up the yucky stuff in her lungs. The treatment helps her cough and work out that stuff so it gets out.

Day 4 – Recovery

Today has been a tough day. She has an infection and is running a fever now. They have had to put back some of the tubes that were taken out. She has an IV again. We had started to feed her some formula in a bottle and Heidie has now been able to hold her. Now, though she is back on IV and not getting fed formula.

It is likely that the infection is making it difficult for her to breath, so she was hooked up again to the larger oxygen tank.

Current Prayer Needs

Please pray for the following:

  • her infection to be gone
  • her lungs to be cleared
  • her pain to be reduced



I will write more details to this same blog post as we go through this. I purposefully haven’t included many pictures just yet, because most don’t flatter my little girl. Please be patient, because soon enough she will be ooohhing and ahhhhhhinng everyone again with her stellar sweetness.


Lockley & Heidie
Rebecca, Rose, Kaitlyn, and Elizabeth

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9 Responses to “Update 12/14/2011, Elizabeth’s Heart Surgery is complete”

  1. Tammy Mitchell

    That is so wonderful, so happy to hear that she is doing so well and ahead of where they expected her to be.

    Blessings to you all!


  2. Sheila and Scott

    We are so thrilled to hear Elizabeth is doing so well. I love that the Lord provided a rainbow for you to see. He is so faithful and kind. She is a gorgeous girl and so sweet in the video! Thanks for the updates. Love you guys.

  3. Still praying for her quick and complete recovery! Praying for you all Heidie and Lock! Love you!

  4. I’m not too often completely without words. But I am. So please just take my heart, and let it beat beside yours. So much love – Kathy

  5. Domenick

    Iā€™m so happy for you & your family. That news is like a great gift this time of year or any time of year. I pray that the Lord continues the healing process in her sweet little life.

  6. Cheryl Stewart

    Beautiful God and beautiful family. Love Cheryl

  7. Anna

    thank you Lockley and Heidie for taking us with you on this journey….to hear that Elizabeth is doing so well is just simply awesome! God is so good; so faithful and so very loving, may He continue to pour out his love and blessings in copious amounts all over your family! we love you guys! Anna and Dave

  8. Steve


    I service your rental home’s pool for Patriotic and Maryann forwarded this great news to me…I’m very happy to read such great news…I guess Christmas REALLY does come early sometimes!

  9. Ann Webb

    Thank you so much for the updates. It helps in praying for her. God’s been so faithful so far, I’m sure her recovery will be very quick.

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