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New Addition in AZ

Posted by on Monday, 13 December, 2010

The AZ Gentes family is happy to announce that we are expecting an addition to the family. As experienced parents, with 3 daughters, we were surprised and excited to find out that Heidie is pregnant.

We went to an early ultra-sound (at 9 weeks), to find out if we will be having multiples or a single baby. Already having the twins gives us a higher possibility for more multiples. Results show that there was a single heart beat….we were happy with those results 😉  A picture of the ultra sound is on the right.

Everyone that has given an opinion on the sex of the baby, has sided with the Boy. Many people saying that’s their *gut* feeling.  We are planning on finding out, which can happen at around 18-20 weeks into the pregnancy. Feel free to let me know if you have some *revelation* as to a girl or boy.

We were talking around the dinner table the other night, and I had a question that remained unanswered: What is the percentages of having a boy/girl if the first 3 children have been girls (I mean based on history of cases similar to ours) ?  Anyone know the answer? If so, let me know.

Blessings to everyone this Christmas….I hope to send an update on this topic once we have gotten word of whether we will have a boy or a girl.

-Lockley (from the AZ Gentes family)